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All Natural Barbecue Sauces

The founders of Wild Rooster Sauces have a combined total of over 40 years of experience in grilling, barbequing and rotisserie cooking. Our sauces are developed with All Natural ingredients from the finest Southern recipes for marinating, basting and table use.

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Wild Rooster Mustard Mania All Natural Barbecue Sauce


Mustard Mania
The founders developed Mustard Mania as an original South Carolina all natural barbecue sauce. This sauce was made by working with locals to develop the best mustard based sauce in the country. Although developed originally for pork, Mustard Mania goes great on pork, beef, chicken, lamb and wild game. Best when used as a mid to late basting of the barbeque cycle. (Great for dipping at the table). In addition, Mustard Mania goes great as a sauce on steamed vegetables such as cauliflower and broccoli... $5.99 per 16 fl. oz. bottle

Wild Rooster Wild Tomato All Natural Barbecue Sauce
Wild Tomato

One of our favorites, Wild Tomato is a spicy tomato based all natural barbecue sauce that will awaken the taste buds with a thick blend of spices, peppers, tomato and vinegar. Wild Tomato was developed by Wild Rooster as a rich, spicy, not too thick sauce that is great on the BBQ grill or for dipping or pouring at the table...
$5.99 per 16 fl. oz. bottle

Wild Tomato is for the true grilling enthusiast!

Wild Rooster Fiery Vinegar All Natural Barbecue Sauce

Fiery Vinegar
The North Carolina version Fiery Vinegar was developed from an old family recipe. One of the founders grew up on a rural tobacco farm in eastern North Carolina. His father would dig a pit under a shelter, lay sticks over the pit and roast a whole hog. His recipe lives on in our all natural barbecue sauce. Originally used on whole hog barbeque, Fiery Vinegar goes great with chicken, fish, beef, wild game (especially venison) and lamb. The blending of special peppers and spices along with the best apple cider vinegar generates the finest marinating and basting sauce. Fiery Vinegar is hard to burn and leaves a golden brown crust, therefore may be used throughout the cooking cycle... $5.99 per 16 fl. oz. bottle

Wild Rooster KC Kicker All Natural Barbecue Sauce
KC Kicker
Our sweet and tangy all natural barbecue sauce is so thick "you may think it's winter time in the summer"! After living in the Midwest for a period of time and loving the Midwest barbeque, we developed a sauce that rivals the "best of the west".  KC Kicker is a sweet, spicy, thick and tangy sauce.  KC Kicker goes great on beef, pork and chicken and goes great as a table sauce.  Great for dipping.  The way they do it in the Midwest is to use meat rubs and add sauce prior to serving.  Southern style cooking, KC Kicker may be used as a mid to late basting of the barbeque cycle... $5.99 per 16 fl. oz. bottle

Pawleys Island Sunburn Hot Sauce
Pawleys Island Sunburn Hot Sauce
The founders enjoyed ten wonderful years in Pawleys Island, SC, which is often described as being a laid-back community with warm climate and hot summer tans. To honor this island tradition, Wild Rooster Sauces developed Pawleys Island Sunburn. You can spice up your meat with this special designed flavor and think of the hot warm sun. A cayenne and habanera based all-natural hot sauce, its rich flavor is hot but not too hot. By the way, it won 2nd place in California as a medium hot sauce. 
$2.99 per 6 fl. oz. bottle

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