Cooking Tips

Wild Rooster Rubs are made with only All Natural Ingredients and do not contain any anti-caking additives that may mask the flavor. Some of our rubs contain brown sugar, which has a tendency to cake. This is a natural tendency and does not affect the products quality or performance. Simply knead the products with your hand in the foil container prior to use.



peppercorn_smlIn our opinion, Steaks cook best when allowed to reach room temperature.About 20 minutes prior to grilling, dampen the steak and generously sprinkle “Steak Rub with Peppercorns” onto the meat. If needed press the peppercorns into the meat with a spoon. Wild Rooster Rubs are rich and spicy and enhance the steaks flavor. If a mild rub is desired, please use our “Grill and Roast Rub”. Our “Grill and Roast Rub” has the best quality flavor enhancers and brings out the best of the cuts on the grill or in the oven. Our rubs are so good, they seal in the juices, and sauces or other toppings are not required.


chick1aOne of America’s favorite on the grill. Trim the chicken of excess fat. Rinse the chicken with cold water and sprinkle our “Chicken Rub” on allareas of the chicken. Place on grill. If a whole chicken is used on a rotisserie, sprinkle the cavity. For a different flavor the “Cajun Rub” and the “Grill and Roast Rub” also are great on chicken. In addition, you may use our BBQ Sauces along with the dry rubs. If you selected the “Fiery Vinegar” as your sauce of the day, you may start basting any time during the cooking cycle. The more you baste the spicier it will be. If you are using the “Mustard Mania”, “Wild Tomato”, “Cool Tomato” or the “KC Kicker” you may start basting during the mid to late cooking cycle.What’s your flavor?


vinegar_smlToday’s grilling enthusiast is health conscious. Fish is excellent when grilled and according to the experts “it’s good for the body and mind”. Wild Rooster’s “Cajun Rub” takes ordinary fish to a new level. It provides the perfect blend of spices, providing an excellent coating and sealing in the fish flavor without drying out the fish. Our “Fiery Vinegar” and“Mustard Mania” also are excellent on fish giving it a very unique flavor with spice. Not to be outdone, the“Mustard Mania” is one of my favorites on shrimp on the grill. Brush a light coat on the shrimp and it gives a nice golden color with a hint of mustard and pineapple.


Pork, Veal, Beef Ribs & Lamb

As you have deducted from our website, our products are versatile as to their applications. It is more of an individual’s “how do I, my family or friends want my food to taste. Whether it is a “Dry Rub” or “BBQ Sauce” or a combination of the two, this is what makes us our own unique style of chef. Once you have selected your meat, how do I want the end result? We have all had our overcooked, sometimes burned and it just didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Therefore, we have described our products and their qualities and applications. My suggestions:


Best Dry Rub Applications: Pork: Grill and Roast, Cajun
Veal, Beef, Lamb and Wild Game: Grill and Roast, Cajun and Peppercorn Steak


Best BBQ Sauce Applications:
Pork: Fiery Vinegar, Wild Tomato, Cool Tomato
Veal: Fiery Vinegar, Mustard Mania
Beef: KC Kicker, Wild Tomato, Cool Tomato, Mustard Mania
Lamb: Fiery Vinegar, Mustard Mania
Wild Game: Fiery Vinegar (as a marinade and sauce), Mustard Mania. The Peppercorn Steak Rub makes an excellent peppered jerky.

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